“Dr. Betsy Cooduvalli injected Botox and Juvederm fillers in my face and lips, and the result was wonderful.  I look relaxed and natural. Everyone thinks I am 20 years younger that what I am."

Lois L.

"I absolutely love the way Dr. Cooduvalli has helped me look and feel my best using Botox and Dysport treatments on my face.  Dr. Cooduvalli is warm, caring and passionate about helping her patients feel confident about their skin at any age. I follow the skin care regime created for me by Dr. Cooduvalli, and combining that plan along with in-office treatments, my skin is at its healthiest since I started using the products she recommends I use for my skin." 

Marlene P.

"I had an incredible experience with Dr. Cooduvalli for my first treatment of Botox.  She made me feel extremely comfortable by explaining the procedure in detail.  I am a woman in my 50s and the procedure freshened up my face by decreasing wrinkles and forehead lines. I feel like a new woman! Happy New Year to me!

Bettina R.

"Not only does Dr. Cooduvalli have a wonderful professional bedside manner, she also has a strong attention to detail when she is injecting fillers and Botox. Dr. Cooduvalli has mastered the "natural look" through different techniques she uses to glide the needle under the skin as she is filling.  The results are fantastic!  I've had many different doctors inject fillers over the last fifteen years.  I have to say she is a top notch injector and my first choice to see when my look needs a little freshness.   Thank you Dr. Cooduvalli for the wonderful work that you do."

K.G., Tampa Area resident

"I had never done Botox before going to Dr. Cooduvalli.  I was nervous, to say the least, but she spent the time going over the entire process with me.  I knew from the beginning that I wanted to go to a doctor and a reputable one at that.  I won't get Botox from anyone else.  The experience was both pleasurable and professional." 

M.R., Oviedo Area resident


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